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How Standard Templates Work

Our Standard Templates make it super easy for you to get creative, engaging content that is on-brand every time. Best of all, they are included for free in any DFY subscription plan.

Standard Templates are designed by our creative team to fit your brand guidelines based on 9 of our most popular design directions of the past. 

Modules: Refer to the individual building blocks we use to create your video templates, such as intro animation modules, main section modules, and outro animation modules.

Templates: Refer to a combination of modules to create 1 template. That is to say, an intro, main section, and outro would constitute one template.

Using the available modules, you can mix and match to create up to 3 template combinations. Keep in mind that if you wish to get the same modules done up in two different aspect ratios, say square and horizontal, that would count as 2 templates, and so on.


Here's a 1 min video to explain how it works.



Pro tip: Standard Templates do not come with revisions, so make sure that you're submitting the most up-to-date branding information that our team requires from you. They are:

  • A high-resolution PNG logo
  • Your primary brand color (HEX code)
  • A secondary brand color (HEX code)
  • Your font (.OTF or .TTF)

Some FAQs:

  1. Are Standard Templates free? Yes, they are included with any of our DFY subscription plans at no additional cost. 
  2. Will they be done in accordance to our brand guidelines? Absolutely. As above, we will always ask you to supply the required branding information in order for us to create your templates in line with your brand elements.
  3. I received my Standard Templates, but I have some edits. How can I do them? Revisions are not included in the Standard Templates. If you wish to make any changes, or create custom templates altogether, you would need to get a Custom Template done (1 credit). This allows us to explore all edits and changes you wish to make.
  4. I have my own intro, main section, and/or outro templates that my team developed internally. Can we just pass those on to you guys and you incorporate it, for free? Absolutely! We will be happy to replace any of the Standard Template modules for ones you wish to create on your own and share with us. Keep in mind that while we will be able to implement them, we won't be able to make any edits to them.
  5. What aspect ratios do you support with Standard Templates? Square and horizontal. Vertical is only available in Custom Templates (1 credit).
  6. I want to create more than 3 templates using your modules. How can I do so? You should make use of Custom Templates (1 credit). If you wish to make any changes to your templates or create custom templates altogether, you may avail of creating Custom Templates, which cost 1 credit per template set. A template set is one look and feel in one aspect ratio format (either square, vertical, or horizontal).
  7. How can I start placing orders after receiving my standard templates? When creating orders using your dashboard, you will be prompted to add the name of the template you wish to use. Simple as that!


Any questions, please reach out to support@tribetactics.com or your Growth Manager.